Number 8 inspired me to do a project with numbers, but not a very extensive one for now... since I already had 6 and 8 I decided to search around and do a countdown to 5, my birthday day. This mini project as the goal of showing numbers in different contexts and/or not so obvious to see...

The event of motards had many numbers in the motos but the number 5 was very difficult to find all alone...since it's a special day to me I decided to choose this one that is not so obvious.

Viana Motos, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, 2010

Taken at a natural park with many lagoons and preserved wild life this number was marked in a tree.

Lagoas de S. Pedro, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 2010

Although I'm repeating a theme I struggled to find a photo with only one 7 in focus and with a good background, witch is not the case but has the "NÂș7" detail.

Viana Motos, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, 2010

During geocaching adventures I stoped for some photos near the cache and did a macro around this boat detail, but at home I saw that it was possible to see the number 8 because of the shadows arch.

Esposende, Portugal, 2010