Chãs de Égua e Foz de Égua: destino Piódão

Destino: Piódão. Pontos de passagem: duas aldeias (post anterior) e Chãs & Foz de Égua. 

À primeira vista um local que parece não ter muito que apreciar a não ser as mini pontes e as casas de xisto, porém é um sítio cheio de detalhes giros e algo peculiares. 

Around and about #12

Winter mornings lately are like this, paths and grass still covered in frost even at 11 am. Mist ascending near the rivers, shade and cold versus clean sky and warm sunlight. Took us a long walk to find a medieval bridge that in the end was so boring that I didn't select any picture of it. More along, in another village we did discover a roman bridge, the one bellow, with that typical stone pavement and very slippery.

2016 Selected Videos

Icarus from Madebyvadim on Vimeo.

When combining great photography, video, music with dedication and passion, beautiful films arise.

As I did last year, this is my selection of special videos created by talented people. Along 2016 I shared many more on botheyesinfocus fb page . The ones you are about to click and see, are the ones I watch several times in a row 😂 .

May these videos inspire you to be creative in all areas of your life during 2017.

How olive oil is made in the countryside

I use olive oil on my diet in a daily basis and the one made with the olives of our backyard is the number one, in quality, of course.

These photos are from the archives (3 years ago) taken at Lagar de Azeite Azenha to intentionally show, roughly, the process. Tons of olives enter this place so that in the end you get olive oil extracted by modern processes of extraction (machines). Maybe there are still lost places where the extraction is manual but that should be hard to find.

The child in me is the child in you

Yes, halloween was almost a month ago and yes, halloween is not something that portuguese people use to celebrate, and for sure trick or treat was not a tradition in my childhood. Anyway pumpkins are cute and the first ones I have decorated for halloween, unusual as it may seems, was in my late twenties, and now in my thirties 😆 .

Around and about #10

Summer is gone but for me this is a good time to go near the sea, the beach, walking in the sand even if is not barefoot. It's hard because of the weather changes, wind, rain drops, and the clouds warning for a big storm, yet it's all so quiet, so so quiet.

Spots are the new stripes

Julia is growing fast like she did in her mother belly when I took the pregnancy photos for her parents. I was wanting to take some photos of her and I'm glad I didn't do it while she was a baby because this was more fun, at least in the end.