...one day everything turns to dust...

through the bean sticks at my mother's backyard, 2010

I have posted this photo, which is very trivial, but that has some meaning to me. This image shows my mother's gardening something that it´s very important to her, it´s kinda occupational therapy for her.

Since I'm away from my parents I see them few times per year because of the distance. Through the last visits I started to give more value to this encounters.  I have come to the conclusion of what is now more important to me: family. I guess no matter what happened in the past and with our present so short, plus an unpredictable future, we have to stay connected and in peace with our beloved ones.

I realize that they will not be present forever and the tradition of giving presents to them does not mean anything, is just a waist of time because all this stays one day. It´s only material stuff that only gives some comfort and saudade (miss you feeling) to them, but does not substitute us, for that reason our presence is the best present we can give to them.

For a long period of time I gave more meaning to university, I was very focus on that and now I'm not living the goals I had at the time... something went wrong, it feels like I was always on the wrong way and not following destiny (if destiny exists).

Since then I'm more attached to people who love me indeed and want to stay with me. I left friends that were always following every standards of what is social correct, now I´m lonely in quantitative friends but happy with my quality closest ones.

Therefore I'm now going with the flow, living the moment, giving more attention to my family because I have probably my entire life to pursuit other things that are going to be also important.

Life isn't easy for young people like me nowadays but despite that I decided not to abdicated from my principles and not be smashed by society demands...this demands are tricky, selfish and very material.

This entire message probably is very spiritual and common but I don´t care, it´s my blog and it's a tribute to my family, specially to my mother... probably few people are going to read this so I am not very preoccupied, nevertheless the text is in english because of my friends on Flickr who normally visit my photos.