DIGICAMS, the present

photos with a Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS

Yesterday I read an article about the future of digicams and I'm going to give my opinion about that since I have one.

It's seems like the sales are going down and people are starting to buy other stuff like DSLRs and smartphones. That makes sense and it is fair enough.

However I don´t agree, as some people say, that today cellphones/smartphones are a good substitute for digicams, at least for now they aren´t.

Digicams are still usefull in some situations, are more affordable gifts (cameras) and also because of their size they are very practical. But the true is that they can´t substitute the quality of DSLRs. So they stand between DSLRs and cellphone cameras!

My point here is that they aren't doomed because they aren´t already obsolete at this point. I also believe as SRLs are being nowadays reused with interest and passion by enthusiastic photographers, digicams can be the next relic ;) who knows?!... but for now I think they have a very precise use and place in the market.

Like today, I decided to take my Digi "out of the drawer" and take a simple and quick picture, but I have to admit that with this camera I have always a huge tendency to  do more radical post-processing! But I don´t mind because some days I like to think that I am an artist ;)

Note: by digicams here I'm referring to point-and-shoot cameras.