Behind the scenes

Ponte de Lima - Portugal

This photo was taken a year ago when I started to shoot everything massively during geocaching days.

I started with the automatic mode despite that at the time they weren't my first photos but that day it was cloudy, the priority was to look for some caches, and in the end the AM was the easiest and fastest mode for me. (excuses, excuses...)

Then I started to see the things that were not right in the photos, I started to understand some basic things about photography and see that Lightroom or other post-processing tolls don´t do miracles. I must add that I had some extra tips from another person who is in another level of knowledge.

It´s funny to look back and see the photos, see the mistakes, see what I have learned though my very slow pace, stubbornness and limitations. But I do not regret the amount of pictures taken because practice is very important to learn something.

To those who take pictures and love photography and eventually are reading this blog and reached this line do not interpret this post as a end of line a way of saying "I now know everything!". No, it´s just a check point for me or a pleasant feedback.

About the picture, well I never liked the background and saw the theme as too trivial. In this case Lightroom didn't performed miracles but allowed me to edit in a antique way giving to my eyes another light and tones different from the usual ones. Sometimes I edit much, sometimes I don´t like to edit beyond the necessary...

To finish I must say, and I'me sure that you agree, that practice, sharing photos and edit them helps a lot in the processing of learning about photography.

To me at this stage of life photography came to me as a new vision to the world and that's why I give myself to the pleasure of talking about it and spending time with the photos. I do it in a very simple way because I do not achieve perfection, I do not achieve to be a photography geek, but I do achieve something...