Eu, me, myself...

translation: 'eu' = 'me'

A new year is running and I haven´t post anything, so inspired in MY last photo on flickr here it goes... 

But why should I bother to write and have a blog? 
Well this was a blog that I created in the 1st place to show MY photos, to talk about it, to share some feelings and also to leave to posterity MY evolution. It´s something that makes sense to ME and that I find constructive so yes I will continue to write.

Why writing in english and not portuguese?
Because most of the people that see this blog and photos are foreign, MY flickr contacts, which I thank for visits and comments. And also to practice MY english, definitely a language that I don´t want to forget!

Now about the photo, what does it say about ME?
About ME nothing but I leave it to you now: what do you see every day in the mirror?

P.S.: You´re welcome to answer to the question or leave a feedback ;)