post-processing: noise reduction only
What a non productive and frustrating day! Is it procrastination, lack of something,...? I just don't know because ideas for photos I have a lot!  

Today I experimented artificial lightning, usually I use natural light and a reflector when it comes to objects, but today I used a lamp in a dark environment. The idea was to use different colors of thin and almost transparent paper and see if that kind of paper could be useful for effects when shooting transparent objects. But the problem was the objects... the glass stuff that I have at home didn´t work. 

no post-processing
Frustrated and with no objects I tried different perspectives, for example, with the mixture of colors on the glass table surface (with the lamp under) illuminating the paper and their textures. 

I did take some interesting pictures in this position with some geometric patterns good for wallpapers for example, but it was very obvious.

Definitely not satisfied with  today´s experiments I chose this 2 photos, the 1st an abstract photo resembles a sunset (at least for me) and the 2nd shows two colors of paper I use.

Next time: define exactly what I really want to shoot and set a scenario for it experimenting different lightning!