Comments on Flickr

For the first time I deleted a comment on my flickr photostream and I really didn´t knew how to do it in the first place. The reason I deleted it on my last photo wasn't for the critique or opinion but because the flickr member, along with his comment, post a large photo with a link to visit is own gallery. 

The comment had in the 1st place the link of the group where he saw the photo: perfect, I like this feedback, and of course I chose the group so I´m responsible for it and for the rules and all the feedback associated with that. Next he wrote is opinion, 2 words very flattering indeed: no problem with that for a trivial photo, after all we have different tastes and opinions and I respect that. The last part of the comment was in fact  publicity to his gallery with a big photo. Why is this a problem to me?

Because that space is dedicated to critique and talk about a photo, my photo, or related photos, or any topic related, and his photo had nothing related... I guess each person has a username link that makes the publicity every time we appear on a topic discussion or on a photo comment. 

I didn´t send a reply to this person to talk about it, unfortunately people tend to be very sensible with this issues and I don´t want to be misinterpreted and hurt anybody... in the end he did visit my photo and commented on that. I also chose not to advertise members about how and with what they should comment (links, glitters and other stuff) because I don´t mean to be rude or overcome members, they should fell free to say what they want, except offensive comments and in this case massive publicity. 

Do you have any opinion about this? Feel free to enter your experience on this...