What motivates you to photograph?

taken with a point-and-shoot

What motivates you to photograph? 

Is it the gear? 
Is it the moment, and be able to "freeze" it in a picture? 
Is it the pleasure of pictures for itself?
Is it the technical part of photographing? 
Is it the technology? 
Is it documenting every thing you want? 
Is it a job or hobby for you?

Do you make the gear an issue more important than the pleasure of photographing? I don´t.

I don´t use my iPhone to take pictures and cultivate my passion for photos, does not give me any pleasure, but in fact is very useful to share trivial things and moments. 

My old point-and-shoot I have to say that fits very well on my jacket pocket or handbag and still takes awesome pictures and very quickly, even using manual mode. 

DSLR's I have to say that are very special indeed and have quality when you need to make money of our photos but...

... the type of camera does not make you better or worse photographer! You need to find your relationship with photography first and then evaluate of kind of gear is the best for you. There are a lot of options on the market but the pleasure of photographing and being able to take awesome pictures isn´t for sale.

taken with a DSLR
taken with a iPhone