7/6: week 2

Yes, the project continues, this week I had one day with incidents and lack of discernment resulting in only 6 days of shoots, the photo missing for this day was selected of another day of the week.

As I said on the other post the idea of this project was not mine, actually I never gave much importance to this kinda projects and definitively I don´t want to be a slave of it. But curiously I must say that I'm liking the spirit of thinking of one idea or two and do it with no pressure, rather than thinking in something impressive to post on flickr.

I have a good reason for must of my photos have been done indoors (and some excuses also) but it doesn´t mean an easy task, by the contrary!

There´s an ecclesiastic proverb that says "there´s nothing new under the sun" so there´s nothing new to photograph! So why do we keep taking photos so passionately?! Only you can tell me your own reasons... but I guess each one of us has the ability to show the things that are not new in a different mode.

Tuesday . Pets

Wednesday . stairs

Thursday . chair of light
Friday . 11/11/11

Saturday . facing the wind

Sunday . Illusion

Monday . To G.