How light changes

Was not in my plans to do this post but yesterday I went to my balcony and saw that broad shadow on the building and I waited for the workers that were painting that facade to take a shot of them. But they didn´t come back that afternoon, obvious it was 6h30pm! So as I saw the light changing I decided to take these pictures until 8h50pm till the absence of light on the facade, sunset was at 8h55pm.

In this case the light and shadows changed through the late afternoon to sunset. The shadows shape changes depending on the position of the sun and get less dark and strong as the golden light [first and last hour of sunlight during the day] comes. On the other hand the light gets less harsh and more diffuse as well as warmer. 

This is nothing new to most of you but at the beginning it took me a while to understand what is light in a photo! Now it is one of the things that I seek passionately and look first in the ambient light. 

I also represent here the attempt to seek elements to enrich a photo, in this case shadows plus subjects (workers), the light I would probably choose the one from the second or third photo. Today, by now, the workers are dismantling the structure and the shadows are absent so I missed the shot! Photography is just like that, sometimes you miss the shot, others you get the photo you planned but in the end it´s nothing special.

compare it in a clockwise direction from the 1st photo on left
compare it in a anticlockwise direction from the 1st photo on the top left