"Who doesn´t have a blog?!"

One of this days chatting with a person that has a tremendous culture and had a very peculiar and interesting blog he said "Who doesn´t have a blog?!". I stayed speechless for a few seconds with a mix of feelings in my head! What he said is a fact and for example this blog is one in a few millions, but the way he said it brought to question if for that reason my blog is less because of that.

This blog has few followers and some visits, I don´t mind that, I know that the few that visit do it freely and for me that's enough. Despite of being a record of what my memory will not keep forever it´s no less important. I share my own words and photos, that was the initial commitment, in a way that others can read. Thanks to the new technologies I started this space and I have done some changes in the way I display things and also added some personal feelings to it.

That said and reminding my experience with other things the initial phrase is repeated in other contexts of life. Most of the times someone comes and cuts the begging of ideas, projects, just because that´s nothing new - that should not be a discouraging factor! To me was not and I know that was not the intention but in fact made me shake for instances and questioning why I do this blog. More than ever now I have no doubts.