Accounts and photo sharing

Is it my impression or people are posting less on Flickr?! Is it true that Google+ does not seem to have convince many people? Somehow the upload of photos at G+ and Facebook increased. Is this the feedback only from my social contacts or you see the same? 
C.P.F. - Porto, Portugal
At Flickr, in average, the upload of photos from my contacts decreased, even from those who usually post more. Is it the weird weather conditions [at least in here!] or is it the migration to other services? Probably the last one and a mix of other personal reasons. 

I don´t have pro account at Flickr but I´ll be reaching the 200 photos free limit pretty soon. I´m not at this moment considering the upgrade (allowing more upload and maintaining the 200 visible) and paying for the pro account due to the low traffic of uploads. Another reason is the many free options or cheaper in the web for photography sharing. Furthermore I´m not posting a lot because I´m shooting less despite photo-blogging more.

Google+ is being used to post photos but I don´t do it for now because it´s a small community at least for me. At Facebook I personally refuse to post photos there, only links to my photos. Funny, my contacts in both places are very different, two different communities with different interests as well. 

About Facebook rumors spread that you loose the property rights over your photos when you post. I kept that belief but it turns out that it´s not like that, although I keep some reservations. Here you have the english link about that and the portuguese one that I´m sure you all have seen it at least once. The portuguese translation to me in the section 2.1 it´s not well translated when it says "isenta de direitos de autor". I guess there´s a confusion about the definition of royalty-free ("right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property..."). About this you can comment below if I´m wrong or less accurate.

At 500px I have an account, few contacts and some selected photos posted. To be honest I don´t use it much and I also don´t intent to be a spammer with comments to attract friends there. Time to time I add a Flickr contact but building a community without being spammer it takes time. Building a contact list in which part of that contacts want to see your photos takes time and feedback. Other thing that bothers me is the fact that this site started with the premise of people posting only the best work, by now people tend to post everything. Despite that remains as a place with a tremendous amount of talent and great for inspiration, no doubt of that! 

There´s also Behance that I have account but don´t use it yet. Liquid Images (portuguese) I use it but I don´t upload much only time to time and photos that are already on Flickr. 

There are more options out there but I´m starting to think that less is more. I´ll be rethinking for sure in the future the online places where I share my photos, depending of the trends and offers.