Taking advantage of the scenario

This post pretends to show a simple example on how to take advantage of the environment/scenario to take more appealing photos.

Lets say you want to photograph a person or your pets, lets see, I took the following photo first when the cat appeared near me.
50mm, f1.8
Very cute because it´s a cat but it´s a boring and plain photo. Here you can decide not to take more photos or you could try to create something more. 

That is what I have done, I took the kitty to some steps up in the stairs because I saw the shadows on the wall and the light was better vs. the boring light of the first photo. See the difference with the light in the next one?

Then the situation turned out funny because the cat was playing with her own shadow and therefore was more easier to catch her in more candid and different poses.

To quit on the first photos just because you got a photo it does not mean you got the photo! Patience is required! Persistence always!

Note: For those who think cats & pets are boring you could be my model next time ;)