To give a name to a photo

Never talked about this because it's always intuitive to me. 
When looking to a photo it's very rare not be able to name a photo in less than a minute. 
I don't like to leave a picture without a name, don't really know why... maybe isn't just one more photo, it's that photo, the one of a moment, so it should have a name or symbol. 
In this process I can say that is a bond, a connection created that only the author/creator really understands (me).
I was editing this photo and then created another version with other colors, can´t pick the one I like most, somehow I have named the two pictures with different names. Why? Simple, the colors inspire me to do so, my brain reacts differently to it.
Which one do you prefer?
Dança das sombras | The dance of the shadows
Floresta encantada | Enchanted forest