Recently a friend of photography elucidated me about what is a diptych and the funny thing about this is that I have already posted a few diptychs on this blog.

Diptych is a combination of photos that have some kind of relationship between. I personally think that diptychs allow us to tell a bit more about a moment and place - a different way of telling a story.

For me this technique is a manner of gathering two or more images to make a theme for a blog post. It also has the advantage of combining pictures that by itself wouldn't have interest. For this purpose I have been using several tools and apps. I can´t remember all the ones I have explored but I can point out diptic since it was the one I used more. But unfortunately I´m not happy with the quality of the final pictures because they lose some sharpness. Another limitation that I keep finding is the impossibility to make scale of the images and maintain the exactly measures of the layout I want. For these reasons I´m now doing it on photoshop. The image above was the first one and also the first work on photoshop, it took me some time to face up this "beast" all by my self (LOL).

A special thanks to the girl in this picture, Rosa Mendes, my companion of photography in Braga city.