Friends of Photography

Friends of Photography [2] is a monthly appearance of someone from my world of photography. People that have a photostream that I like, or that I frequently interact with or have somehow a distinct style. The title of this post was inspired on a project of a friend from photography. This 'idea' came into my mind because lately I find myself wanting to share more than just my photos. Who knows if you could be the next one represented here! I bring to you 2 photos from the photographer, my words about the author and a special text made by each month guest. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I.

Nuno Dantas | Nuno was a reference since I started shooting and still is, this project is one example, plus I think we have some similarities in our photographing style. Browsing is flickr photostream makes me think "How can I get tired of photos and shooting?!Never!". His photography includes many styles: details, macro, street, people, landscapes, seascapes, shadows, panoramas [with fujifilm X100] and very interesting projects. He´s not new in this art and uses from digital to film, with a very know how of his equipment. He manages to include photography in his busy life always sharing to his followers. If you don´t know Nuno´s work I strongly recommend! Also in his photostream you can find: strong colors, bokeh, street faces, humour, attention to details, framing skills, good taste and ideas. I can say for last and for sure that he has been an inspiration to many of us. 
Nuno Dantas Some rights reserved

I started really enjoying taking pictures in the summer of 2008 when i bought my first DSLR. In a couple of months i was addicted to photography! From then to now it was an amazing path and photography changed my life. Now i have a thing that i really like to do.

My photos don't have a personal style or a single fixed theme but they have my personal touch. I think that is easy to tell when a photo is taken by me.
I do many kinds of photos, like street, landscape, macro, theme projects and "Dantas style" photos :)

Photographic projects make me keep shooting and learning more, it's the way i find not to struggle. In the last years i was shooting both film and digital. Shooting film is special, i slow down making photos and i thing i get better results. Digital is better when i don’t have time to think, or i need to make a lot of mistakes to make one single photo.

If you ask me what is my favorite photographer may answer is simple: all my friends. those who go out with me to take photos, those who comment my photos and those who help me improve.

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Nuno Dantas Some rights reserved