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Friends of Photography [3] is a monthly appearance of someone from my world of photography. People that have a photostream that I like, or that I frequently interact with or have somehow a distinct style. The title of this post was inspired on a project of a friend from photography. This 'idea' came into my mind because lately I find myself wanting to share more than just my photos. Who knows if you could be the next one represented here! I bring to you 2 photos from the photographer, my words about the author and a special text made by each month guest. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I.

Caterina Gualtieri | This month I bring you a fresh look with an Italian girl, Kat, who is a young freelancer photographer. On her website you will see her shooting style through the editorial, commercial and personal photos. I really don´t know much about Kat but I always felt attracted to her shots, from the details to the post-processing creating a signature very easy to recognise. What I like in her photography with models are the unusual/different poses, the merge of the models with the scenario and the use of the element nature in her photos through props and backgrounds. I have to point out the light in her pictures and the way she uses natural light in her advantage and technically, of course, the framing and use of small f-numbers (large apertures). On her miscellaneous photos she also applies her own style transforming a trivial shot in something with class. Probably this is very girly but I personally believe in Kat´s talent and photography. Go visit her flickr photostream.
Caterina Gualtieri © All Rights Reserved
Sometimes we are like kids dressed as adults, and a little dream is the strength which rests into our veins and keeps slowly growing. If this little growing plant of hope reaches the heart, it gives life to ambitions and maybe I'm dancing on the tones of one of those undead dreams. I'm 20 years old and I'm writing about me because the world I live in arouses interest.
It is a world I'm building day by day, picture by picture.
My name is Caterina and I am Italian, born in the South of Italy. Even if I've been living in the North of the country for about a year, wasn't it me the girl who loved green grass, sunny days and blue sky? And now I'm living in the grey Milan that smiles me from over its high roofs. Photography has always been part of my life, sometimes not directly. I met her 5 years ago and I've never let her go. I chose her as a dream to realize because she makes me feel free: whenever I take a picture, for every "congratulations" I get, for every critique I receive, for the beautiful people I've met and the great places I've captured. Photography is the treehouse I've never had when I was a child.
Caterina Gualtieri © All Rights Reserved


  1. I didn't know Caterina Gualtieri, and for me it was a pleasing discovery! I concur with everything Ana said, the work of Caterina is very dreamy, with an awesome use of natural light, and great sensibility for people, as we can feel in her portraits. Great article, great photographer!

    1. True! Glad you liked! Thanks for visit and comment this month photographer.


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