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Friends of Photography [4] is a monthly appearance of someone from my world of photography. People that have a photostream that I like, or that I frequently interact with or have somehow a distinct style. The title of this post was inspired on a project of a friend from photography. This 'idea' came into my mind because lately I find myself wanting to share more than just my photos. Who knows if you could be the next one represented here! I bring to you 2 photos from the photographer, my words about the author and a special text made by each month guest. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I.

Simon Caplan | I have been trying to introduce you different people and styles. This time is a experienced photographer from Bristol, UK. I chose him because of the excellency and know how when he captures details. In his flickr's profile you can see what kind of equipment he uses and read more about him. I think he is a good technical reference with a consistent and awesome photostream. You may think that shooting details is easy, no it isn't. Photographing details requires taking advantage of the scenario, choosing the right aperture, a good eye, dedication and patience. You will see Simon´s photography full of colours, with good contrasts and countless details with the right depth of field (at least for making things interesting). Simon's text says it all, read it and go see his work.
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I like to see myself as an urban explorer with a camera. I enjoy hunting down the quirky details and strange abstracts that generally lie undiscovered in the streets; on buildings or amongst the old machinery and equipment in working environments like ports, harbours, factories and workshops.

I tend to find myself focusing in on otherwise mundane things that most people have just walk past or ignored. In fact, nothing gives me greater satisfaction to know that I’ve noticed  and shot something that other people have missed...especially if those other people are also photographers!

When out and about with the camera, I especially look for bright, contrasting colours; interesting curves and lines; rich or unusual textures and anything that will enable me to create an effective and interesting image with a shallow depth of field. I try to experiment by moving around the subject and using a variety of lenses and focal lengths – to find a different angle and isolate the point of interest.

If I was asked to give just one tip to any aspiring photographer it is this: 

Sometimes the photograph isn’t obvious at first. Give yourself time to see the image. Don’t be rushed. Walk around something several times and look at it from every possible angle and height. Ignore the ‘whole’ and look more closely at the detail. And if you’re not sure...make a note of the location and come back another day..when your eyes may see things differently.

If you want to see more of my work, go to

Simon Caplan© All Rights Reserved


  1. Interesting work of an interesting photographer. Another good surprise in this "friends of photography".
    I sometimes do photography more focused in details that I find interesting, because I find it to be relaxing and fun, but I don't take that side of my photography so serious, so passionate and with so good results. Simon Caplan is a master in this art!

    1. Thanks once again for your comment. Yes, he is!


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