What happened this time

I went to London for some days and had my camera with me, although this time I didn't take a lot of photos and still have it on the memory card. This time I was with a zen attitude, I walked around with the camera but was not fixated on shooting. I also took some with my phone and share it in instagram but then again just a few. 

The reason I´m talking about this is because in other occasions my main goal was to see everything, all the places and take a lot of pictures, the typical snapshots and other ones. Well that is impossible, is just to much. 

If you are visiting a place for the first time and you are obstinate in shooting all things you will miss the moment, the place, the ambience, the present. My advice concerning to this is: if you have another opportunity to visit the same place then you can take more photos and you will know what kind of photos you want to take and where - the opposite to snapshots. But if you will not have that chance try to balance things, take some shots and breath the air, because in the end you will find that of the 1000 shots that you took only 20 were good. 

So, is it worthy to go only with an attitude of capturing everything at any second? I believe not! As usually it took me some time to understand this but know I can appreciate more the places I visit and with no stress. I´m not a travel photographer therefore: see with your own eyes and not only through the lens.