Sunset on the other side of the ocean

Last month I received an email from a person of the other side of the ocean talking about this photo: 
Sunset, Ana Matos © All Rights Reserved
It was a surprise to know that someone liked and was wanting to hang up this picture on his wall. But the most interesting was the comparison with the work of an artist named Mark Rothko. If you browse the name these are some examples of his paintings:
Google search for Mark Rothko.
M. G. used my photo and others to create this set of art which I think is very interesting and looks fantastic on the wall.
Courtesy of M. G. from USA.
This was a good experience, besides that you know other persons at long distance you also see your dedication (more than work) being appreciated by others. Also the honesty of asking permission to use my photo for printing since it's available on the web, with less resolution but in several places.
If this kind of art that I make through photography has meaning to at least one person in the world I can say that "It made my day!".

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