Happy birthday

Yes, happy birthday to me! One more year over my shoulders, one more year older but for sure one more year happy for being here. One more year to keep photographing and feed my soul, and that makes me feel excited!

Today I show a recent photo of myself since I have been reluctant in updating my profile photos… and yes I can look a lot different if I want and specially if I take off my glasses and tie my hair (elf ears pop up!).

Anyway, first time that I do a double exposure using two pictures. The self portrait was with my phone (more easy and practical) and the other one a photo taken with a new lens. Coincidentally the two photos merged perfectly and my expression makes all sense with that drop in the eye. The result is a sad  (or contemplative) theme but to be honest every birthday I feel very emotional so what the hell, this is me!
Thanks to the person that sent me this music.