Life is energy and movement.
In the beginning there were no rules, only nature flowing free in cycles with no chains.
Then the rules came to detain our freedom… the freedom of dreaming, desiring, laughing, running as innocent children usually do.

I prefer to unchain sometimes and run wild because if it makes me happy is worthy. I prefer to be alone and walk barefoot on the grass and just listen, listen… I prefer not to be understood, I prefer not to follow the crowd, if in the end of the day it makes me fall asleep with a smile on my face.

These photos represent metaphorically "breaking the rules" what I think all people can wisely do. These pictures they also break the rules of photography.

You may feel dizzy looking to this photos and think that I write nonsense things… because I do!

… Or if this message said something to you, look and start a new journey whatever it will be as long you feel good with yourself.