The river of my youth

Living in the country area there are a lot of places like this, small rivers, little places to discover, this time an old one from my youth times.

Lately the heavy rain has flooded the rivers and inundated the areas around. For photography I prefer shooting when there's more water comparing with the dry season, besides some colours of the autumn still remain.

Since I was going near I decided to stop by and see the effects of the lately rain and bad weather.

1. Clothing and appropriate footwear - done!
2. Telling someone at least that I was going alone to that location - done!
3. Camera and tripod - done!
4. Checking if I had everything in the bag - No!
5. On location: missing the tripod plate! Solution: the mini tripod!
6. During shooting: getting to near of the water not always works well but the equipment is okay, just some photos that went straight to the trash.