Spots are the new stripes

Julia is growing fast like she did in her mother belly when I took the pregnancy photos for her parents. I was wanting to take some photos of her and I'm glad I didn't do it while she was a baby because this was more fun, at least in the end.

In the beginning Ju didn't like the camera and neither had the curiosity to touch it and see that it was harmless. Maybe she didn't like the black color and the shape. So, to make things less scary for her I only used the 50mm lens to put the camera smaller. It didn't help because she kept saying "leave it" ("deixa estar"). As she began to play in the park she started to forget the camera, but just a little bit. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with what came out and the special book made for her. Ju will have a lovely story in the park to "remember" one day and, of course, to show to her beloved one and kids :D .