Around and about #10

Summer is gone but for me this is a good time to go near the sea, the beach, walking in the sand even if is not barefoot. It's hard because of the weather changes, wind, rain drops, and the clouds warning for a big storm, yet it's all so quiet, so so quiet.

Costa Nova in Aveiro district is known for the small houses with colourful stripes delightful for contemplating and for photographing. The last time I was in this place I don't remember taking photos of the houses. This time it was frustrating because the vertical lamp posts screw things out, in my point of view of course. Although I recognise this ones are more pleasant for the eye than the other ones with cables all over the place, I simply don't like it. Someone said me once, "if the lamps and post signs are a big thing for you use photoshop". Dah, and what's the fun of that when it's a challenge to figure out other points of view without changing what is?!

These cute and "minion" houses need time to be observed and framed the best way possible. Until then I can simply relax, relax with this set of pictures because relaxation was the point.

Lotus Position
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