2016 Selected Videos

Icarus from Madebyvadim on Vimeo.

When combining great photography, video, music with dedication and passion, beautiful films arise.

As I did last year, this is my selection of special videos created by talented people. Along 2016 I shared many more on botheyesinfocus fb page . The ones you are about to click and see, are the ones I watch several times in a row 😂 .

May these videos inspire you to be creative in all areas of your life during 2017.

The Magic of Mount Seymour (4k) from Nathan Starzynski on Vimeo.

Jarred & Displaced from Anders Lönnfeldt on Vimeo.

Vorticity (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

...more personal choices:

Today I Rise from Blaze of Grace on Vimeo.

The Album Leaf: Between Waves on Nowness.