Around and about #12

Winter mornings lately are like this, paths and grass still covered in frost even at 11 am. Mist ascending near the rivers, shade and cold versus clean sky and warm sunlight. Took us a long walk to find a medieval bridge that in the end was so boring that I didn't select any picture of it. More along, in another village we did discover a roman bridge, the one bellow, with that typical stone pavement and very slippery.

There's a lot of reasons and excuses not to go out and photograph: weather conditions, lack of time, lack of people, laziness, personal responsibilities and plans, etc.. But one thing is for sure those who like nature, visit sites and are very organised they just do it, there's no maybe, it's possible so lets go. I like and appreciate that!

Fujifilm experience:

The above pictures are from a Fujifilm X100T camera, the owner preferes his Nikon 😆 . As for me it's like when I started photographing with a point&shoot, so it's not strange at all. The design is beautiful, the camera small and light, with features and a quality I did not had in my oldie p&s. I haven't explore all the menus and features but there's three things I can point and you can comment on that:

1. A very soft focus in large apertures (small f numbers). I'm not comfortable with that but maybe it's not so different when using an old 50mm Canon lens with f1.8 aperture. Is there really less sharpness even in large objects, like in a portrait, or is it my impression only?

2. When zooming in, with editing tools, I (and others) see to much pixelisation, never saw nothing like this, what's the technical reason behind it?

3. Does the focus square, the area, can be narrowed to a single point, a tiny point?

So far I can say it's a camera I would buy if I traveled more or did street photography. It's discreet, small (comparing to my current DSLR), perfect to have in my backpack/handbag all the time, and it 's effective.

[Must confess that I'm tired of the bulkiness of my camera, the non unobtrusive aspect when with a zoom lens and so, lately, I just grab it for specific situations and scenarios.]

Back to my opinion of the camera, I used the word effective because, as already people know, or should understand, a camera does not make a good picture. The person behind and the way he/she uses the device available is what counts, either with a 5MP smartphone camera or with a top/professional camera.

"Wow, it's an expensive one it should take good photos!". No no, there are still challenges, there's still the part you have to know the camera and make the settings work in your advantage to create the best pictures possible. For example, with me, it's so easy to point and focus that this easiness has already made me be reckless, having slightly shaken photos, and also not picking the best aperture.

Live view is very handy to me since I wear glasses and so I don't need to smash them on the camera. I pointed this because I noticed it does not drains to much battery, which is great.

The first day I used it was a dense mist and shortly getting dark. This second time too much shade and light in the same frame. Nevertheless these selected photos I could put them straight away in the blog, quite satisfied, maybe to much light but I like it anyway.

These were general considerations, the reviews I leave it to the pros. If you want to comment but don't want to write bellow, or can't, do send me a private message here or in another place you know I'm on.


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